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Sony CS4 Superlite Data Projector Prices

Sony VPL-CS4 Ultra-Portable Projector

If you're considering a personal projector, you'll want easy portability and simple operation. The VPL-CS4 gives you all that and more.

Ultra-compact and light, it goes with you anywhere, sets up quickly, and delivers bright, clear images. Its quiet operation and numerous practical features make it ideal for a wide range of uses. Features of the VPL-CS4 include 1000 ANSI lumens brightness, SVGA resolution, weight under 5 1/2 pounds, a carrying case, and a remote which provides direct access to digital zoom and digital keystone control.

Makes a Positive Impression with a new style:
When considering a personal projector, easy portability and simple operation essential. The VPL-CS4 provides all that and more. Ultra-compact and light, it goes anywhere, sets up quickly, and delivers bright, clear images. Its quiet operation and numerous practical features make it ideal for a wide range of uses. With elegant design and outstanding performance, the VPL-CS4 is sure to make a favorable impression on audiences of all types.

New Innovative Style:
The VPL-CS4 sets new standards in visual styling with its simple and elegant external design. At first glance it appears as a simple, smooth shape - no lens, no projector controls, no connectors. Then, at the touch of a button, the front panel flips on to the top of the unit so that the operational controls now face upward for convenient operation. Twin speakers, mounted on either side of the controls, are angled for optimum stereo imaging. A second panel on the side of the unit opens to reveal the input connectors.

Handy and portable:
The VPL-CS4 is ultra-compact and lightweight, weighing only 5 lbs. 5 oz. Images with a brightness of 1000 ANSI lumens are projected with excellent picture quality from three 0.7-inch, true SVGA (800 x 600) resolution LCD panels. Its small size and low weight make the VPL-CS4 easy to carry in its supplied carrying bag, so that its clear and brilliant images can be projected anytime, anywhere.

Quiet operation:
Fan noise is reduced with a new air discharge system, with the exhaust positioned at the front of the unit. This means that the VPL-CS4 runs very quietly and the discharged air is kept away from the audience during presentations.

Useful Remote Control Unit:
The supplied remote control unit, RM-PJ2, helps make presentations look smart and effective. It has dedicated buttons for the Digital Zoom and Freeze functions. Direct key control of Digital Keystone Adjustment is also possible with this card-size remote control unit.

4-times Digital Zoom:
Any part of the projected image can be zoomed in during a presentation to assist in conveying a clear message.

The Freeze function displays a freeze-frame while preparing or switching to the next image.

Stereo Speakers:
The VPL-CS4 is equipped with two speakers, heightening the effectiveness of the presentations by adding stereo audio.

Multiscan Converter:
The VPL-CS4 has a built-in scan converter and accepts a variety of input signals: composite video, component video and RGB video, as well as PC signals up to XGA. And with presets for 25 different signals, images can be reproduced in the most suitable signal mode in an instant.

Digital Keystone Correction:
Keystone distortion of up to 15 degrees can be digitally corrected from the On-Screen Display or the supplied remote control unit. Images can be projected with the correct geometry even where installation space is limited.

APA (Auto Pixel Alignment):
With APA, a single-button "press and play" operation, the display is correctly sized and adjusted for optimum picture performance.

Height Adjuster:
The projector's shooting angle can be adjusted using the height adjuster, providing flexible projector installation setup.

The On-Screen Display for projector control is available in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. Its screen position and color can be altered, depending on user preference.

Remote Commander RM-PJ2, Monitor Cable, Carrying Bag, Ferite Core, CR2025 Battery, Air Filter, AC Power Cord, Operation Manual, Quick Reference Sheet

Projection system:
3 LCD panels, 1 lens projection system
LCD panel:
0.7-inch p-Si TFT LCD panel, 1,440,000 pixels (480,000 pixels x 3)
Projection lens:
1.3 times zoom lens, F1.8 to 2.2, f28.4 to 34.0 mm
120 W UHP lamp
Screen coverage:
40 to 150 inches (viewable area, measured diagonally)
Light output:
1000 ANSI lumens (ANSI lumens is a measuring method of the American National Standards Institute)
Color system:
VIDEO: 600 TV lines, RGB: 800 x 600 pixels
Acceptable signals:
RGB (fH: 15 to 70 kHz, fV: 48 to 85 Hz), 15 kHz component 50/60 Hz system, composite video, Y/C video
Cabinet color:
Silky Silver
Max. 0.5 W x 2 (stereo)
Power requirements:
AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:
Max. 190 W, Standby 5 W
Operating temperature:
0 to 35 C (32 to 95 F)
Operating humidity:
35 to 85 %
275 (W) x 65 (H) x 214 (D) mm (10 7 /8 x 2 5 /8 x 8 1 /2 inches)
Approx. 2.4 kg (5 lb 5 oz)
Heat dissipation:
648.4 BTU

Sony CS4 Superlite Data Projector Prices